Family Planning at Barcelona

The woman who does not want to get pregnant or wants to plan the number and interval of her pregnancies, after a gynecological examination and according to her personal desires, will be advised on the most suitable contraceptive system for he.
Contraceptive Pills

The most used today are:

Barrier methods

The most common today is the condom, which also has the great advantage that prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Hormonal IUD

Instead of a copper spiral, this IUD carries a slow-release progesterone reservoir (effective for 5 years).

Family PlanningPlaced on the same spot as a conventional IUD, it has the advantage of a higher effectiveness, and that it greatly decreases or even suppresses the menstruation, an effect that is also used in women with very abundant menstruations for therapeutic purposes to regulate it, reducing significantly the amount of bleeding. Menstruation cramps practically disappear with the implantation of this IUD. In the treatment of endometriosis it is also indicated to stop its evolution. Nor should it be disdained that perimenopause prevents endometrial cancer.

Hormonal contraception

Either with daily pills, vaginal ring (hormonal absorption is performed through the vaginal mucosa), or patches (transdermal absorption), all of them with high effectiveness. Nowadays, with the new formulations, there are few adverse side effects. You have to know anyway that hormonal methods do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy

They are surgical methods, with the advantage of being permanent and the safest, and with the drawback that in most cases they are permanent, requiring resorting to In Vitro Fertilization if you want to have another child.

Copper IUD

There are several types, depending on the size of the uterus and parity. Its placement is done in the consultation and has a very acceptable rate of effectiveness, having the advantage of not requiring daily intake.

Arm subcutaneous implantation

A small cylinder is placed under the skin in the inner side of the arm, and it releases the necessary amount of hormones to produce the contraceptive effect for 3 years. It may also diminish the amount of menstruation or even make it disappear. It is reversible, and requires a small intervention that is practiced at the consultation with local anesthesia both for placement and removal.