Gynecological Laser at Barcelona

Gynecological C02 Laser

Our clinic has incorporated a CO2 vaginal laser from INTERmedic, which is equipped with an applicator that allows the laser treatment of the vaginal wall. The application of the laser on the vagina causes the fractional heating of the mucosa, which leads to an increase of collagen and fibroblasts, improving the tone and thickness of the mucosa, as well as its consistency and the increase of the vaginal microcirculational.

This leads to a reaffirmation of the anterior vaginal wall. This results in the correction of the stress urinary incontinence, which is secondary to a vaginal dilation during childbirth and to the aging of the mucosa, a pathology that affects many women, conditioning their activities and quality of life.

The introduction of the laser beam into the vagina is done through the applicator designed by the company INTERmedic, which is effective and safe for the patient, optimizing the results, with minimal discomfort. Sometimes it is necessary to performa second application at the 6th week for optimal results.

For vaginal rejuvenation, the application is done on the entire surface (not only the anterior wall), which causes a thickening of the mucosa, and the toning of the muscles, correcting the dilation, improving its appearance and especially improving sexual relations, both women and men, by adapting the vaginal canal much better to the male penis getting to increase feelings and excitement, favoring the orgasm for both partners.

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