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What is SottoPelle therapy?

SottoPelle therapy is the most convenient and effective method of hormone replacement for men and women. It has been extensively researched and documented in medical journals since 1939 and consists of a small, painless insertion of a bioidentical hormone tablet under the skin. Once the tablet is implanted, a constant low dose of natural hormones flows through the blood to the skin. pace that your activity demands. The release of hormones into the body is identical to what the ovaries produced when they functioned normally. And there’s more good news… the implant is effective for several months, usually three to four, and is self-removing.

What are the tablets made of?

SottoPelle tablets are manufactured following the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry and using only the best quality botanical ingredients available. Derived from natural plants such as soybeans and others, they are specifically formulated to recreate human hormones, without mare urine, such as synthetic ones. Without additions to differentiate them commercially. Only natural ingredients, identical to those of human hormones. It’s that simple.

How do I receive my treatment?

The hormone tablet is placed under a mild local anesthetic under the skin, usually on the upper buttock. The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes. To the extent that your body needs the hormone, it is released and therefore consumed until it disappears. After three or four months, a new analysis will report the need to repeat the process. That’s all!

¿Por qué necesito estrógeno?

Estrogen is the most important hormone in women. Protects you from heart problems, heart attacks, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Synthetic estrogen taken orally does not offer these benefits.

As a woman why do I need testosterone?

Testosterone gives women mental clarity, increases libido and tones muscles. Low testosterone causes brain fog, increased fat, mainly around the waist and hips, and little muscle growth despite regular exercise.

What can SottoPelle Therapy do for me?

Since 1992 SottoPelle therapy has helped tens of thousands of people achieve the natural and healthy hormonal balance their bodies need to maintain optimal and desirable well-being. Our patients say they are “freakingly well”

Some of the benefits include:

      • Recovers or increases libido.
      • Increases lean body mass and decreases fat
      • Increased ability to get fit
      • Reduces fatigue and increases energy levels
      • Reduces anger, nervousness and irritability
      • Relieves anxiety and depression
      • Increases focus and mental clarity, as well as concentration
      • Improves memory
      • Increases general well-being
Are there any side effects or complications?

Side effects are rare. Some women may feel transient pain in the breasts, it usually lasts between 7 and 10 days after the first insertion, but rarely in recurrent treatments. Acne and hair loss also occur very rarely when receiving testosterone therapy. The same goes for facial hair growth. It also occurs in some women after menopause even without hormone treatment.

Which is the first step?

Request a visit with a SottoPelle-certified Doctor. After a talk you will receive all the pertinent information as well as the necessary documents, among which the request for a precise analysis for the laboratory. With these and other results of your medical history, together with your lifestyle, the specialist will be able to determine your hormone levels and your personalized treatment.

Also, if you are planning a pregnancy you should notify your doctor.

Men need hormones too

While the term “hormone replacement therapy” is associated with menopausal women, men also need hormones. All men experience a gradual decline in hormone production as they age. After the age of 30, your body begins to manufacture less and less testosterone, at a rate of one to two percent less per year. Between the ages of 40 and 55, testosterone levels drop dramatically, marking the beginning of Andropause, which is the medical term for menopause. When the Andropause begins, the man begins to feel that his sexual desire decreases, he gains weight, loses muscle mass, has less motivation, becomes depressed and has a changeable mood. Most men believe that they have to accept these symptoms as part of “aging” and do not undergo hormone replacement therapy. In recent years, much attention has been paid to exclusively sexual needs, particularly of men. However, the available treatments have not been for all patients, they are expensive, they need to be administered every day and, in many cases, they must be scheduled for the sexual act.

Today, thanks to SottoPelle therapy, men can feel healthy, sexually attractive and look good throughout their lives. And not only that, our therapy also protects you from cardiovascular risks and prevents osteoporosis, among other things. This incredibly simple, pain-free therapy restores the balance and vitality of the hormone levels of your youth and changes the way you live naturally!

Tell me more about testosterone

Testosterone is essential for a man’s well-being, and its lack causes fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of mental clarity and loss of sexual desire. They offer protection to the cardiovascular system because it helps to maintain the protective film of the arteries. In addition, the difference in testosterone levels can cause prostate problems, poor sexual performance, loss of muscle mass and tone, and the risk of osteoporosis.

How do I start?

Getting started is very easy. First, by requesting a consultation with a SottoPelle accredited doctor. This will give you the corresponding indications to carry out the analyzes and other tests that will allow you to know your hormone levels in the blood. Later the Doctor will examine the results and indicate the correct amount of hormones that he needs. Next, the granule insertion procedure will be performed.

About SottoPelle

SottoPelle therapy is a unique method of hormone replacement that administers the correct amount of hormones (biologically identical), in the appropriate amounts (according to examinations and the corresponding analysis of the results), using the correct delivery system. (granules) that goes directly into the bloodstream without going through the digestive system. We have more than 25 years of experience and a success rate close to 100%.

How is it the procedure?

The hormone is placed under the skin, in the upper part of the buttock. The procedure is painless, with the application of a mild anesthetic, and lasts less than 5 minutes. After insertion, a low, regular dose of natural hormones will enter the bloodstream as needed by the body. Hormone treatments require the patient to visit the SottoPelle doctor a couple of times a year and voila, that’s it!

Side effects are rare. They may include decreased sperm, testicular mass, or increased prostate size. These side effects occur more frequently when performing replacement therapies with synthetic and non-bioidentical hormones like ours. In any case, our accredited doctors will inform you in detail about your case.